Are you looking for a cheaper, faster way to manage your scheme yourself?

Do you want the protection of a licence manager but not the cost?

Strata Manage IT introduces revolutionary new data base technology that allows your NSW scheme to have its own website FREE. To find out more click About us...

"Just had a good look around the website including the 'financial' section – it's very impressive, user friendly, and most of all useful."...DIY StrataManageIT User.

  • Save Time

    Are you looking for a better way of getting things done around your scheme?

  • Save Money

    Do you want to reduce your levy payment on your strata investment?

  • Peace of Mind

    Do you want the peace of mind knowing your funds are protected by a licensed manager?

  • Experts on Hand

    Do you want access to a licensed strata expert when you need help?

  • Instant Access

    Do you wish you could get information about your scheme at any time of the day or night?

  • Auto Alerts

    Interact with your scheme via a proactive calendar that keeps you up to date on your meetings, tasks and messages.

  • Scheme Information

    All you need to know about your insurance, assets, suppliers, and committee contact details.

  • Repairs & Maintenance 24/7

    Schedule, track and record the progress and costs of your repairs anytime.

Do it online in half the time!! FREE Private Website for your scheme Click Here To find out more click About us...

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